Airfuz (Airfuz) wrote in ontd_science,

Afraid of Heights? You'll Hate This Window-less Plane

If you are scared of looking through the window on an airplane, then let me introduce you to the new window-less airplane concept. The Center for Processing Innovation (CPI) is going to make the first window-less plane. However, instead of windows, it will have OLED screens that show you real time view of the exterior of the plane.

In case you're still wondering, the concept is real and CPI is actually planning to make this plane soon. However, this plane, although won't have windows, won't really solve the problems regarding fear of height. Rather, it might be scarier for people as it show a full view of the exterior. According to an article by Mashable, CPI believes this concept will be a reality in 10 years.

A more important part of the design is the reduced fuel consumption. CPI says that there will be thinner walls and the plane would have less weight, leading to a reduced fuel consumption. This is particularly great. Less fuel consumption would mean a big deal for commercial airlines. There's more, the plane would have functions to give you a view from different angles. The view from your seat will not show the wings of the plane, so you can get a full-proof experience.

But question is, will people adapt to this new entertaining way of flying? Surely, this won't be suitable for all users.

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