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Microsoft Unveils Wearable Fitness Tracker Called Band

After many rumors, Microsoft finally announced its first wearable called Band. The device can track your heart rate, calories burnt, exercises, sleep and the number of steps taken. This is the first wearable by the company, which will be competing against already dominant wearable devices like Fitbit.

Microsoft Band Screenshot
Microsoft plans to make the wearable available to everyone on all platforms. So the apps are available on iOS and Android as well as Windows. Microsoft has been focused on universal availability for its applications. Previously, we have seen apps like Photosynth and Skype having cross-platform availability.

However, Microsoft Band is not limited to fitness tracking only. It can receive emails. You can get all your updates while you're out jogging or you're simply away from your phone. The device can detect whether you've worn it or not, and depending on that, it keeps track of your health.

The device will track your heart rates 24 hours. It will automatically start counting your activity once you start doing something like - walking or running. At the end of the day, you can see how many calories you've burnt and how many steps you've taken. The device will support GPS tracking, so you won't have to carry any device with you to track your activities. This is a great advantage, considering the Apple Watch lacks this feature and requires an Apple device to be connected.

As reported by the New York Times, Microsoft band will be available for $199, which is quite cheap compared to the Apple Watch coming next year for $349 and the Fitbit Surge coming next year for $250. The device will also have bar code scanner, to allow payments to be made from the wrists.

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