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AeroMobil's Flying Car Prototype Takes You Beyond the Roads

It has a weird shape, but that's because it's not limited to the roads. Flap the wings and fly to your will. AeroMobil 3.0 prototype shows a fully functional flying car. An idea that took more than 20 years in the making, the prototype was announced at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Drive it around the road and people are sure to follow you. Not just because of the weird shape, but also because it has wings. The video demonstration shows the car being driven on roads and taken to a field, to fly. And it's all real.

It looks fairly simple. There isn't any separate flying gear. It's all part of the car. The steering wheel is equipped for both driving and flying modes. And you can even take someone with you, as the flying car is a 2 person ride. However, the prototype is not yet ready for mass production, but it's very close. Availability of such a vehicle would also require legal permission. You don't simply fly a car, you know.

Founder of the Department of Transport Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovakia, Stefan Klein designed the prototype. Founder Stefan Klein and CEO Juraj Vaculik believes their innovation can change personal transportation on a global scale.

What's amazing about this flying car, is that it runs on gas just like regular cars. If you want to fly, you'll need 650 feet to take off and only 164 feet to land safely. And also, maybe a pilot's license. You can fly as fast as 200 kilometers/hour, or 124 miles/hour.

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