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ontd_science - we'll soothe your inner geek

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We'll soothe your inner geek.
ontd_science is dedicated to nerding out on a daily basis.
Post interesting articles you come across and share the information wealth with others!

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» Your article may have already been posted. To figure out if it has, use this search engine so we don't double up.


» If your article is long, do our eyes a favor and put it behind a cut.

» Don't forget to provide a source for your information by linking back to the original article. Need help doing that? Here's the code:

» Good sources are major news sites, scientific journals, and professional blogs by members of the scientific community (use good judgment on these). Your personal blog or journal does not count. We welcome the addition of your own thoughts after the article contents, but you MUST have a proper source or your entry will be deleted. You can find good example of scientific news sites in our memories section. Unsure about a source? Feel free to ask us.

» Before you hit enter, take a look at our Tags and see if any of them fit the article you're posting. If they don't, use your common sense. :)

» It isn't necessary, but it is helpful to bold the most pertinent information in your article for the impatient or lazy.

» Don't be a jerk. Trolling and other personal attacks can get you banned.

» Do NOT delete posts or comments. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned. Own your words and accept that others may disagree. Editing comments to amend something you said is fine. Deleting a misplaced comment and immediately reposting it is fine.

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